FREE 20oz Insulated "Small Batch" Canteen with any Rod or Reel Purchase!
FREE 20oz Insulated "Small Batch" Canteen with any Rod or Reel Purchase!
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Rod Production Info


Moonshine Rod Company builds and produces a wide variety of fly rod styles to suit just about any fly angler.  Our customers also enjoy a variety of price points on our rods, to suit many budgets.  Our main goal is to expand the fly fishing community by designing, building and producing high performance fly rods for the best price possible, while offering a LIFETIME warranty on all of our products!  Most of our rods come with two tip sections, so you will never be left in the cold with a broken rod.

Research & Testing.

Every single blank we use to build a Moonshine Rod is designed and tested vigorously by our experienced team of rod builders (with over 20 years of rod building experience combined), and our valued Pro Team anglers.  All of our graphite rods use a high modulus carbon weave that out performs just about any other similarly priced fly rod.  Trust us, we've done the research.  Rest assured that your money spent, is spent for a lifetime of enjoyment when you buy a Moonshine Rod.


The entire Midnight Special Series of rods are proudly built in the USA.  Many of our reel seats and cork grips are turned by hand, and all finishing takes place in the Moonshine Shop.  At this time, all of the blanks we use for the Midnight Special series are designed in Virginia, and rolled overseas.  We do this for two reasons; To offer you the absolute best price on a high performance rod, and because we truly believe that South Korean carbon is the best on the market.  All of our "Series" rods such as the Drifter and Outcast are all designed in Virginia, then assembled in China by a highly recognized company.  They are then shipped back to us where we do all of the finishing and final touches to ensure each rod exceeds the industry standard.  That extra step is what sets Moonshine Rod Company apart from other foreign made fly rods on the market.