FREE Fly Box with any Rod or Reel! FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING to Most Locations!
FREE Fly Box with any Rod or Reel! FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING to Most Locations!
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Please allow up to 24 hours for replies.  We DO NOT take custom rod order requests.  What you see on the site is what we currently have to offer. Don't see one you like?  Check back often or join our newsletter on the main page to stay up to date with new releases! We usually release new rods weekly in the Midnight Special Collection! 


- I just ordered a rod from you guys, how long until I get it?  

All domestic rod orders are now being shipped with 2 day delivery subject to availability of that service at the ship-to address. The shipping cutoff is 3:30PM Eastern Time, so any rods ordered after that will have 2 day shipping as if the order was placed the following day. Most reels will ship 2 day as well, but if they are shipped directly from Ross, they may take up to 5 days assuming they are not back-ordered. Some of our vendors such as Ross and our apparel company are also experiencing some interruptions in normal ops due to Covid. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

International orders can be shipped using either International Priority or International Economy, and the buyer will pay the exact shipping cost. Please be aware of your countries import duties, if any, as we do not know, control or collect on this. 

All rods that are listed on our site that can be added to your cart are IN STOCK, already built and ready to be shipped to you.

 - I ordered an item from your apparel collection and did not receive it with my rod shipment.  Whats the deal?

Have no worries. Our friends in North Carolina handle all of our apparel orders, and ship them directly from their shop. If you have already received your rod, but not your apparel item, give it a few days. COVID in particular has slowed their operations down a bit. They work to provide you with the highest standard, all printed and embroidered in America!

- Can you build me a custom rod?

I'm sorry friend, we can't help you. Not because we don't want to, but because we just do not have the man power to take on custom orders. Custom "one off" rods are not our focus. Moonshine Rod Company is a total of 3 guys and 1 gal, two of which are full time rod builders.  

- Where are your fly rods made?

All of our Midnight Specials are hand crafted in the USA using high quality foreign and domestic components, including South Korean blanks, designed to our specs. Our cork is sourced and hand turned by a Veteran owned company in the Pacific Northwest. We turn and stain our reel seats, by hand, in Virginia where each rod is completed. For $319, this is an incredible value in which we marry quality components while putting American labor to work.

Our series rods are assembled by hand utilizing South Korean and Japanese graphite or glass, with top quality hardware. Some of our rods are made in China while others are made in South Korea. Our new Creede reel was designed here, machined and made in Korea. 

It's a common misconception that Asian manufacturing is necessarily below the standard of US & European made products. This is of course true in some cases, but not all manufacturing practices and QC standards are created equal. What really matters are the materials, practices and the individual human that is making your rod, not simply their location. At Moonshine, we do our very best to ensure quality control, including a lift test on every blank before it hits the wrapping table and is completed. Every rod is inspected by one of our staff in the USA before it is shipped to a customer.

If we could make all of our rods in the USA at our current price points, we would. However it's not economically possible to offer the features we do at a price normal people can afford, which is one of our core driving values. We've chosen to give regular folks the ability to buy an exceptionally quality rod using top end materials. Some companies choose to keep where and how they do things in the dark. We choose to keep it out in the open and let folks decide for themselves. We're happy to rely on the recommendation of your fishing buddies, unbiased online customer reviews and our well earned reputation for exceptional customer service. 

As a brief comparison, the lowest priced USA made Orvis Recon starts at $498 at the time of this writing. Our USA built Midnight Special is $319. The Orvis Clearwater (designed in USA, assembled overseas) starts at $198. Our Drifter (also designed in USA, assembled overseas) is $199. Please note that we absolutely love and respect what Orvis has done as a great pillar in our fly fishing community. We are merely using this as an example to draw comparisons of our price-points.

- Why do you include two rod tip sections with most of your rods?

Because unfortunately things happen.  Let's say you're on a 4 day fishing trip, and have hiked in several miles for an awesome weekend of fly fishing and good times with your friends.  You cast and snag a low hanging branch and snap your tip section trying to get it free.  If you have a Moonshine rod with you, you are back to fishing within minutes. If you chose to bring your other brand rod, you're going to be sitting on the shore watching your friends slay fish all weekend.  

We at Moonshine Rod Company know that unfortunate events happen. In my 15 years of fly fishing, I have stepped on rods jumping into boats, broken them in half via car doors, hooked up on fish that I had no business fishing for with the rod I was using, and thats just off the top of my head. We want to keep you fishing and having a great time. No one likes waiting for replacement  parts, so we make it easy and include an extra rod tip (the most commonly broken section on a fly rod, no matter the brand) with most of our rods with the exception of the Midnight Special. If you do happen to break any section of your rod, click here and follow the directions, exactly, via our warranty policy.

- I am a Veteran/Active Duty or an LEO/First Responder.  Do you offer any type of Discount?

We are happy to honor our military, law enforcement, and first responders for their service with a 10% discount on their entire order! 

To get your discount, please simply email a photo or scan of a form of ID or documentation showing your service, with any sensitive information blocked out (we really just need your name, hopefully matching to your email name) to Please in the subject line of your email mention "Military Discount" "LEO Discount" or "First Responder Discount" so it gets prompt attention. 

Once we've had a chance to review your email, we will reply with a one-time code you can use for 10% off your entire order. 

We have been very active in supporting US Armed Services members, Law Enforcement, and First Responders for years, through supporting charities with free products, and directly by providing a Military / LEO / First Responder discount to all members of those groups. Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

- I am a guide and would love to try out your rods to potentially recommend to my clients.  Do you have any sort of Pro Program?

Interested in our Moonshine Guide Program? Drop us an email at with your qualifications. We will want to see a current copy of your guiding license (varies by state) and/or a pay stub of the guide outfit you work for if a guide license is not required. To qualify, you must send proof by way of your outfitter. 

If you are a individual, send us a copy of your guide license if required by your state/country and a copy of your insurance policy. Insurance not only protects you and your client, but the well earned livelihood of your profession, vetting legitimate professionals that may be entitled to the benefit, not Insta-guides. 

- I own a fly shop, and am interested in carrying your rods in my store.  How do I proceed?

Please email for more information about buying for your retail establishment. We do not sell to other website dealers, only brick and mortar establishments.  

- Do you sell rod blanks so I can build my own rod?

We do not sell rod blanks or any other components through Moonshine Rod Company.

- Hi, I have a fly fishing blog and I can get you more customers if you send me a free rod and have me review it.

If we sent a free rod out to every person who has emailed claiming they have a fly fishing blog and can "boost our sales", we would be broke.  If we are interested in working with you, we will contact you.  

Any other questions, please contact us at!