The Epiphany - 2wt - 10' - Downlocker
The Epiphany - 2wt - 10' - Downlocker
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The Epiphany - 2wt - 10' - Downlocker

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The Epiphany has been one of our most popular rods since we introduced them in 2017.  Not only have you sent us beautiful photos of your memories on the water, we have also listened to each and every comment we received about the rod. The criticism we saw about the Epiphany were that the length of the rod made it harder to balance.

Nymphing is a very technical style of fishing, and perfect weight distribution is something that the pros and competitive nymphing folks are constantly seeking, which always seems to be a endless battle between reel size, line and backing. Now, to give our customers better control over the balance of the Epiphany, we've developed two options - an Uplocking Epiphany with a Removable Fighting Butt, and now a Downlocking Epiphany.  Choose the setup you prefer, and enjoy some tightline nymphing with an easier to balance rod.

Welcome to the future of nymphing.  We fish these rods daily, and have fished the competition. We think the Epiphany just might make your day on the river a lot more fun.


-High Performance Graphite with sensitive tip and strong backbone. The Epiphany 2wt is equivalent to approximately a 4wt butt section.

-Downlocking Reel Seat helps balance the length of the rod by shifting the weight of the reel to the furthest point back on the rod

- 3.4 oz Total Weight. 

- Matte Black to keep the glare down when the fish are spooking easily.

- Black wraps, with high quality Titanium anodized hardware from reel seat to tip top.

- Hard 5 compartment embroidered rod case

- Hand Turned Spalted Burl that has been dyed to reveal the exceptional graining in the burl.


(The Rod pairs well with the Ross Animas 5/6 and Gunnison 5/6 and the RIO FIPS Euro nymph line)

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