FREE Moonshine Canteen or Flask with any Rod or Reel! 10% off any Moonshine Rod & Reel Combo!
FREE Moonshine Canteen or Flask with any Rod or Reel! 10% off any Moonshine Rod & Reel Combo!
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8 Weight Fly Rods

If you’re a well-rounded fly angler, chances are you have space for an eight-weight in your arsenal. Much like the five-weight, it’s a great rod for doing just about anything, particularly if you’re within shouting distance of saltwater. If you ask most guides, they’ll say an eight-weight is ideal for species like redfish, speckled trout, largemouth bass, and maybe even carp. It’s a powerful rod, but it still feels like you’re fly fishing. It’s a joy to cast and has all the pull you need for that bull red. Let’s put it this way: If you could only have two rods, we’d suggest the four-weight and the eight-weight. Between those two, you can catch just about anything.

We have two great options for eight-weight rods. First, our Outcast is specifically designed for saltwater, with corrosion-resistant materials and an engraved aluminum reel seat. Plus, it has a distinct “saltwater look” that’s right at home on the flats. We also have our Vesper rod in eight-weight, with industry-leading materials and unmatched performance on the water. It’s a great option for saltwater, freshwater, or both. Both models include a cork fighting butt to help wrangle those sea monsters you’re bound to hook into.

Regardless of which rod you choose, our eight-weight rods are built to the highest standards—distinctive styles inspired by classic design, custom reel seats made with unique burled hardwoods, hand-turned cork grips, and more. Each of our eight-weight rods is the perfect balance of value and craftsmanship, proof that you don’t need to shell out for a second mortgage to have a great day on the water. If you have a question about which rod weight is right for you, or which model fits your needs, be sure to reach out to us at Cheers to tight lines and we’ll see you out there.